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Walking Your Dog(s)

Walking your dog(s) - A letter from a concerned citizen

April 2016

Dear Bob Gross,

I’m writing this letter today as a concerned citizen who feels the need to bring to light several issues pertaining to Montgomery Square residents and their dogs. First, there seems to be an issue with people in the neighborhood thinking it’s OK to walk their dogs off of a leash. Next, there’s an issue with people allowing their dogs to be loose on common property such as the public street in front of their house. Finally, there’s an issue with people who do have their dog on a leash, notably Extended Long Line Leashes, who don’t have control of their dog and allow their dog to enter another’s personal space or property.

I’d like to make a very important reminder of the Montgomery County Leash Law. It requires the use of a leash when a dog is off personal property, otherwise, the dog is “At Large”. There are also Laws against “Unwanted Contact” and an “Animal Trespass” Law. As in, even if a dog is on a leash, one needs to have their dog under control and close enough to them, that the situation might require, as to not impede or enter another’s personal or private area.

I’ve included a copy of the ‘Summary of Animal Control Laws and Services Provided’. I, as well as other law-abiding citizens of the area, would greatly appreciate you reiterating and making clear these Laws in the next Newsletter, Online Bulletin, at the Annual Meeting, and wherever else possible. It’s become obvious it’s necessary to get the word out to those in our community who either don’t know or don’t care to follow these Laws. There’s no excuse not to have your dog on a leash, or for breaking any of these Montgomery County Animal Laws. It doesn’t matter if your dog is friendly or if it’s “just saying hi”. These Laws were made for a reason. It’s important for us all to follow them and to respect each other’s space, as it keeps everyone safe, healthy, and happy.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


Montgomery Square Resident

A summary of laws included by the resident can be found online at

The Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center is also an excellent resource.