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WSSC Project - North Side 2020

On 8/14/19, MSCA Roads and Safety Committee Member Peter Lalos and VP Steve Schuck met with Brian Earp from the Department of Permitting Services to get his thoughts on the WSSC project work. While the project is a WSSC project, the County permitting office has an oversight role.  (Mr. Earp assisted MSCA in making sure the streets on south side of Montgomery Square were properly repaved upon the completion of the Washington Gas Line Project that took place there in 2017-2018.)

(1) Paving information for WSSC project areas: Brian guaranteed that all roads affected by the WSSC pipeline work would be paved curb to curb.

Before new paving occurs, WSSC will replace curbs and driveway aprons that they damaged. In addition, MSCA has asked the Division of Highway Services to repair broken and damaged curbs in the impacted streets.

(2) WSSC Paving of Non-Project Areas: Brian said there was no chance that WSSC paving contractors would pave the the rest of Montgomery Square North. He did say that after WSSC contractors do their paving project, we might have luck getting the county to do curb and pavement work to the non-project area once they see the scope of the job. MSCA will be in contact with the Division of Highway Services.

(3) Completion Date for WSSC Work: In Montgomery Square, WSSC has yet to do the remainder of Old Canal Road and Old Canal Ct. For the entire project, WSSC representatives have given various estimated completion dates, some as far out as summer 2020. Brian said that the road crews should finish the remaining pipeline replacement work by end of fall so that they have a decent stoppage point for the cold weather. If that timeline holds, then all paving work would be contracted out over the winter and the final phase of laying new blacktop would start in the spring 2020.

WSSC project letter 2018