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Tree Maintenance Tips

Do you have a tree planted by the County?

If you would like the county to inspect a tree that they have planted, please submit a request by calling 311 (MC-311 call center) so that there is a formal record of the request in the Country’s system.  Once they receive a request, an arborist will usually be out within 3-4 weeks or earlier to inspect the tree(s). Then, the arborist will leave a door-hanger specifying the result of the inspection (tree will be removed/tree will be pruned/no maintenance required at this time etc.). 

As for street tree care – during the winter it is not necessary to water newly planted trees. Once spring comes, the arborist recommends watering the trees at least twice a week during weeks where there is no rainfall.   The arborist mostly wants residents to water the trees during the hotter summer months, especially during July when we routinely have a drought.  The arborist recommends watering 10 gallons per session, or by leaving the hose on at a trickle overnight if able (to imitate slower rainfall).  Once the trees are established, all future maintenance is the county’s responsibility.

How to Mulch a Tree!

Please read this important flyer on How to Mulch a Tree.  Many homeowners are doing it wrong and this could result in a sick or dead tree – certainly one that will not be flourishing.

Tree Suckers

Please note that the suckers coming up from the bases of trees should be pruned back (cut off) when possible. They aren't a serious problem, but they should be cut back.  This helps the main part of the tree to grow and also prevents the tree from appearing bushy.


Some older trees in the neighborhood have on them what looks like green "fungus." This is not a cause for concern. These are "lichen" and they do not harm the tree, but they just use it as a surface on which to grow. Click here to read a short article form the University of Maryland about it.

Other Tree Concerns and Removal

Are your neighbor’s trees bothering you?  If so, there may be something you can do.  Please read the following fact sheet containing answers to frequently asked questions.  

Another important resource can be found here.