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Timeline & Other Info

July 22, 2021 - Montgomery County held a ceremony in which it removed the three street signs in Montgomery Square bearing the names of Confederate Generals, and installed new signs with the names of Geneva Mason and William Dove, two leaders of the nearby and historic African-American Scotland Community.  For additional information and photos, click here.

June 17, 2021 - Gwen L.M. Wright, Director of the Montgomery County Planning Department sent a letter to residents of Jeb Stuart Road, Jeb Stuart Court, and Jubal Early Court, stating that Jeb Stuart Road and Jeb Stuart Court will be renamed in honor of Geneva Mason (1899-1980), a prominent community leader in the Scotland community in Montgomery County," and that Jubal Early Court will be renamed for William Dove, who "was born into slavery" and later "became one of the founding members of the Scotland community."  

The Scotland community is located along Seven Locks Road near Montgomery Square and has a rich history.

In her letter, Director Wright explained the Department's decision making process and its reasons for selecting these two names.  Ms. Wright also advised that, within 30 days, residents "will receive a separate letter from the Planning Department formally initiating the renaming process."
See letter 

February 25, 2021 -
MSCA, Inc., distributes a flyer to residents of Jeb Stuart Road, Jeb Stuart Court, and Jubal Early Court
See flyer

February 22, 2021 -
Montgomery County conducts its M-NCPPC Street Renaming Project Community Meeting for Jubal Early Court, Jeb Stuart Road and Jeb Stuart Court.  The meeting begins at 7pm on Microsoft Teams and is videotaped.
See recorded meeting
See presentation slides

February 5, 2021 -
Montgomery County Planning Department mails a letter to residents and owners of the three impacted streets notifying them of an upcoming informational meting on February 22.  The Department emails MSCA, Inc., the letter and invites President Bob Gross and VP Steve Schuck to attend the Feb. 22 meeting. 
See letter

January 14, 2021 -
Montgomery County Planning Board Approves Resolution to Rename Jeb Stuart Rd, Jeb Stuart Ct and Jubal Early Ct. 
Link to the MC Planning Board's website

June 15, 2020 -
The Montgomery County County Council writes a letter asking "[t]he County Executive and the Chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board to initiate a comprehensive review of all County owned and maintained street names and public facilities to determine all those named for Confederate soldiers or those who otherwise do not reflect Montgomery County values.  Following that review, we hereby request a public process to rename these county streets and facilities in a manner that more appropriately reflects the community to which they belong"  See letter

This process would be a change from the standard process that the county has in place.  

Standard process to request a street name change

MC Address and Street Naming Manual
(official MC guidance on naming and renaming streets)

June 2020 - A Montgomery Square resident and MSCA member asks Maryland Senator Brian Feldman about changing the street names of Jubal Early and Jeb Stuart, and he suggests contacting Councilman Andrew Freidson, which she did.  One of Friedson's aides later informs the resident that the County Council is drafting a letter requesting the County Government and the County Planning Department conduct "a broad-based review of County street names that wouldn't necessarily require individual residents to go through the existing [petition] process."

January 5, 2018 - Meghan Flynn informs MSCA, Inc., that the Planning Department decided to leave its standard petition process for street-name changes in place and not take any action on its own to change any street names.

September 18, 2017 - In the aftermath of the August neo-Nazi/white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, MSCA, Inc., holds a neighborhood meeting at Beverly Farms Elementary School where a discussion takes place about the Confederate street names in the Montgomery Square neighborhood.  Participants discuss the County's process for changing street names.  MSCA President Bob Gross reports that, while there has been an established process for changing street names that can be initiated by residents, the process is currently under review by the County, possibly in response to the current controversies arising from the Charlottesville rally.  Bob Gross had contacted the Montgomery County Planning Department and discussed the issue with Meghan Flynn, who advised him that MSCA should wait to see what the County decides to do and what the process is, before MSCA offers any guidance to its members.  

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