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MSCA Tree-Planting Initiative Info

Through the efforts of MSCA’s Board Members, wonderful volunteers, and the Montgomery County Arborist, MSCA residents continue to have a great opportunity to have trees planted in front of their homes that will make our neighborhood look great for years to come. The trees will be professionally planted by the Country Arborist at no cost to MSCA or the individual homeowner!

Background info – In 2013, the County started planting trees in the neighborhood for people who had responded to sign-up notices sent out to MSCA residents in 2012 & 2013. Since then, the County has planted about 250 trees along the streets in Montgomery Square. However, gaps still remain.  The County plants trees in areas that are within their right-of-way. In the Montgomery Square neighborhood, that is about the first 10 feet of your yard as measured from the street. In some instances, this was where our community originally had many beautiful flowering cherry trees that are mostly all gone now.

Before planting is approved, the County will contact the homeowner, and make a temporary mark on the curb adjacent to where the tree(s) will be planted.    

For right-of-way areas underneath power lines, the County proposes to plant the following flowering trees (of the minor species variety):

For areas where there are no overhead power lines, the County proposes to plant the following flowering trees (of the major species variety):

* These are trees mature at 50-60ft and flower in the spring with white wisteria-like blooms. There are not many of them planted in the county and they will provide a spring bloom similar to Kenwood while being unique to our neighborhood.

For areas with no overhead power lines, the County may also propose the following non-flowering trees:

**Non-flowering but will provide beautiful Fall color and more shade.

The County Arborist has done an outstanding job planting trees in Montgomery Square. Now is the time to fill in the remaining gaps on your street. Don’t miss out!

Please sign up for trees by filling out the Tree Form.  

If you have any questions, please call Bob at 301-467-1007 or Mike at 301-838-7483.   

To find out how to request a free street tree on your own (without the help of MSCA) to be planted in the County’s right-of-way, click here.  (The preferred way to request a street tree or trees is through the MSCA program.)  For information about how to get a free shade tree to be planted “in yards, parking lots, and almost everywhere in between,” click here.  To learn about Montgomery County’s Tree Canopy Law, click here.

Below are pictures from around the neighborhood.